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God of War Android


God of War (also known as God of War IV) is the sequel to God of War III as well as a continuation of the canon God of War chronology. God of War Mobile is the eighth installment in the franchise overall.

Unlike previous installments, this game focuses on Norse mythology and follows an older and more seasoned Kratos and his new son Atreus in the years since God of War III. The game released on April 20, 2018, and is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

God of War Mobile Gameplay

god of war android gameplay

God of War Android Story


Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods. Having survived his final encounter with his father Zeus, Kratos has since travelled to Midgard in Ancient Norway and now lives with his young son Atreus in the world of the Norse gods, a savage land inhabited by many ferocious monsters and warriors. In order to teach his son whose mother and Kratos’ second wife recently died, how to survive in such a world, Kratos must master the rage that has driven him for many years and embrace his newfound role as a father and a mentor.

Many years have passed since Kratos, Spartan warrior and former Greek God of War, took his vengeance against the Greek Gods, and he now lives with his young son Atreus in ancient Norway in the realm of Midgard. The game begins after the death of the Jötunn warrior Faye, Kratos’ second wife and Atreus’ mother, whose last request was for her ashes to be spread at the highest speak of the nine realms. Kratos and Atreus prepare a funeral pyre for her, mourn her death and soon go on a hunt as per Kratos’ desire. However much to Kratos’ disappointment, Atreus proves his incompetence and lack of focus, making Kratos reconsider taking Atreus in his journey. Kratos is soon attacked by a mysterious stranger with godlike powers, and who cannot feel anything physically. After seemingly killing him, Kratos reluctantly takes Atreus with him and begins their journey.

Kratos and Atreus soon encounter many hurdles in their journey and fend them off. They also meet the Dwarven Huldra brothers, Brok and Sindri who upgrade their weaponry throughout their journey, and a mysterious but friendly Witch of the Woods, who also provides help in her own way after they save her boar, which Atreus accidentally shot. Reaching the Lake of Nine, Kratos and Atreus encounter the friendly World Serpent, Jörmungandr, the last remaining giant. After running into impenetrable black mist which can only be extinguished with the Light of Alfheim, they receive aid from the Witch to use the Bifröst in order to travel to Alfheim and secure the Light. Upon vanquishing the mist and reaching Midgard’s peak, Kratos and Atreus find out the Stranger who attacked them is alive and has two henchmen, the sons of Thor, Magni and Modi at his side, interrogating an imprisoned man, revealed to be Mimir.

After they leave, Kratos and Atreus confront Mimir, who reveals the Stranger as Baldur, an Aesir and son of Odin who is the paranoid All-Father and king of Asgard. Mimir also reveals that the highest peak of all nine realms is actually in Jötunheim, but access there has been blocked off by Odin and Thor. Mimir, however, knows of another passage. He instructs Kratos to cut off his head and have it revived by the witch, revealed to be the Vanir goddess Freya. Kratos immediately distrusts her, but both Freya and Mimir warn him to tell Atreus about his true nature as a God, which Kratos keeps a secret from him.

Critics About God Of War Mobile

On the day of December 6, 2014, Corey Barlog, the lead animator of God of War Apk and the game director of God of War II revealed that Sony Santa Monica was working on a new game, in the God of War Franchise. It was announced on Twitter, only taken down later by Sony.

The game is conceptually set in the pre-migration point of Viking history; a period in Norse culture where the Norse gods were said to walk among mortals.

How to download God Of War Android


  • Click the download button to download and install God Of War APK or God Of War IPA file.
  • If you downloaded the data to your PC/Mac, simply move it to your Android or iphone device
    Run the APK and also Install it.
  • On Android it might ask you to enable the setup that was obstructed for safety and security factors – enable the setup, clearly
  • Do that by clicking the Settings button and after that clicking Enable for God Of War Android APK
  • The entire procedure might use up to 2-3 mins depending upon what device you have
    As soon as installed , run the video game from your application cabinet or the desktop computer symbol on your device
  • The game will certainly after that download and install data and also OBB file and begin after it completes the procedure